Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Unlike many subtle tingle plumper's on the market, Our special LIPJECTION Gloss formula produces a warming sensation as the ingredients penetrate the lips to increase blood circulation which results in plumper & fuller lips. You should feel the tingle within 30 seconds-1 minute of applying the LIPJECTION Gloss and the plump will last up to 6 hours! The hydrating ingredients also leave you with super soft lips with a glossy finish and a natural tint. 

How long does the plump last?

Results vary from 2-6 hours, however the more you apply your LIPJECTION Gloss the plumper they go and the longer the plump lasts. You can re apply as many times as you wish throughout the day.

How plumped do your lips get?

LIPJECTION works by stimulating the lip tissue with ingredients that tingle and warm on the lips. This brings blood to the surface of the lips plumping them naturally and giving the lips a natural tint. Results vary on each individual and how their body reacts to the stimulating Lip Plumping ingredients.

Can I use LIPJECTION Gloss if I already have Lip fillers?

You certainly can! LABËD Lipjection Gloss is great for giving an extra plump to your fillers, It will not react with your current fillers and is completely safe to use.

However, please wait until you are totally healed from the procedure before using the LIPJECTION Gloss. Our formula is super strong and can irritate wounded lips.

Always be sure to check with your Healthcare professional before using LIPJECTION with your lip fillers.

Does it hurt?

Unlike injections, LABËD Lipjection Lip Gloss is a non-invasive Beauty cosmetic treatment for plumping lips. Some redness, warming/light burning sensation, and tingling is expected and all part of the addictive plumping process.

What sensation can I expect to feel?

A very warm, slight burn... We guarantee you'll be addicted to the feeling very soon!

What colour does it appear on my lips?

Even though the LIPJECTION Gloss has a yellow colour, it comes out completely clear. LIPJECTION Gloss works by bringing the blood to the surface of the skin, which leaves you with a naturally pink tinted pout!

Is this a medical product?

NO. This is a Lip Plumping Lip Gloss Treatment.

Are the results permanent?

NO. This product offers temporary results. LIPJECTION can be re applied as many times you wish to optimise results!

What are the Lipjection Gloss Ingredients?


Do you test on animals?

No! We love our furry friend’s, and we definitely don’t think they need a juicy pout!

Are your products vegetarian/Vegan?

Our products never contain animal extracts and are completely Cruelty free, however, some products do contain animal derived ingredients i.e. bees wax. Be sure to read through the ingredients list on all products.   

I have a question which isn't listed here, how can I ask?

Have a question that you want answered? Drop us an email and say hello on for a reply within 12hrs

Can I read customer reviews anywhere?

Of course! Head over to our Trustpilot page :

What To Remember When Using LIPJECTION!

Be Realistic with your results

We offer a fantastic alternative to Lip injectables, for those who feel invasive lip procedures are not for them. We offer the strongest plumping effects possible whilst using a safe nonsurgical and noninvasive formula. Unfortunately, we can not replicate the look of Lip Fillers, which is a form of Hyaluronic Acid that sets under the surface of the lip offering semi permeant lip volume, plumpness, and fuller shape. We guarantee you will love your results!